1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Terminate: To put an end or stop to.
Dan Duff 8-2008

In some ways it doesnít seem that long since I had that old gray two-door sedan. I bought it new and had driven it long enough to pay it off and I was determined to drive it until the back wheels fell off and I would just leave it beside the road for the salvage truck to pick it up and cart it off to the car crusher. I replaced the tires and the shocks, the fuel pump and the water pump, The carburetor and even the radiator. The last year I drove it I was taking it to the shop almost once a month and begging the owner of the garage to keep it going for just one more month.

I learned to have a love/hate relation with that car that few people can imagine. It got so I dreaded the thought of even going out to start the thing. In fact towards the end in order to start that car I would have to get in the car, turn on the ignition, jump out and raise the hood, then cross the starter terminals with a screw driver, then jump back in the car and give it some gas to keep the car just above idle. If I let the car go back to idle it would quit and I would have to repeat the above process to get it going again.

It finally got to the point that the garage owner would just come out and start shaking his head and telling me it was time to end the misery I was causing myself and the car. He finally said that he appreciated the money he was making off me, but it was time to trade it in. I took his advice and took it down to the dealership to swap it out for a new one. That turned out to be quite an ordeal. The man who takes it out for a drive had to be shown how to start it. He wound up telling the salesman they would give me a certain amount for the car and they would just have it towed to the back lot. I took their deal because it was easier to let them drag the carcass off than it would be for me to have to watch as it slipped off into the car crusher for eternity. After I did that and you just donít know the feelings that came over me when I got in the new car and just turned the ignition and the motor came to life all by itself and would idle without having to rev the engine .

I missed that old car for awhile, but after only a few days the trauma that had been part of my life for what seemed so long was gone. I was living a new life with a new car and a new outlook on the future.

I said all that to say that we have a government in Washington and in most states that have been doing the same thing with government for the last thirty years that I had been doing with that car. They have not been up to trying to do anything new with government, one that would bring it into line with the twenty first century, or a government that would work for all of us. They have been trying to repair and patch the same old government to keep it going for two or four more years. Every election they come to us and tell us they have new ideas and new ways that will streamline and have the government working like a fine Swiss watch, but to a man/woman, it has turned out to be "if we can just keep it going for another term we will be fine".

To say that our government is broken is an understatement. To say that we need a new government is not only absolute, but the only solution. There needs to be an effort to get rid of every member of the Washington and State elected officials with new ones. Yes, we will miss the old one for a while, but once you start seeing that for once the people of the United States finally said enough is enough and we are in the ultimate voice of government. We the people have the final say on how it is run. No party or group is above the people. We not only deserve a new government, but it is the only way we can take the existing trauma out of our lives. It is the only way it can be fixed.

The problems we face today are not a surprise to anyone. We have seen them coming for years. We have been told by the experts that the problems we are having would happen all the way back to the 70ís. We are experiencing the problems of today because we were assured by every Tom, Dick, and Harry running for office that they were going to give us something new, but delivered that same old repair story.

We are now experiencing that love/hate relation with government that I had with that old gray sedan. We know we need to terminate our relations we are having with the people of government. The question is are we going to step up and finally do it, or will we just try to keep it going for another political term.