1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Confuse; To perplex or perturb; confound; bewilder.
To mix indiscriminately; to jumble.
Dan Duff

Maybe you can help this poor misguided hillbilly.  Maybe it is I who is confused. Maybe if someone can just lead me toward the right direction, I just might get it straight or align my brain to accept the things that I am hearing for the truth.

Somewhere in these great United States of America there are two very innocent, naive thirteen year old boys who face jail time and a life time of being branded as sex offenders for school hallway tomfoolery, while in another part of the country there is a man who is accused of rape on a child who gets to walk the streets a free unbranded man because some judge decided the man needed an interpreter before he could be tried.  Please, the answer has to be simple.  I am just confused.

All across the world there are people who hunger for the freedoms of our country and have waited years to immigrate here, but we say, " we're sorry we have no room for you."  People sneak across our borders and break every law of the country from identity theft to driving without a license, yet for these people we are feverously trying to pass laws to let them stay.  Please I know its just me and I know the right people could explain this to me.  I am just confused.

There are millions of children of this country who go through twelve years of school and can't tell you where Kansas is.  They do not know who runs the country or why they must go home to little or no supper and sleep in conditions that would make a homeless person pack up the cart and leave town. There are billions of dollars sent to leaders of countries who turn around and use the money this country sends them to pay terrorist and others to try to overthrow this government.  I know someone who has two ounces of gray between their ears has the answers and could clear this all up for me.  I am just confused.

The politicians tell us that the country is in shambles and that we must elect them or the country will die like an unpicked grape.  They promise new laws and new programs.  They promise to end all wars and to settle all our problems with diplomacy, yet we re-elect these same people who say they are the answer to all the problems, yet we still have the same problems and the politicians still have no answers.  I know its just me and someone has the simple answers.  I know its just because I am confused.

We say we are a country founded on religious freedoms, yet every day we see more freedoms eroding for Judo/ Christian religious groups while our government is spending taxpayer dollars to install foot washes, secret classrooms and more.  I know its just me and I know that I am just a person who has no reason to believe that this could be true.  I know the answer is out there.  I am just confused.

We have staffs of lawyers around the country who will take on any business or government if it sees any of the citizens unjustly hounded by the powers that be.  I know it is just me that sees them going after all the fundamentals that established this country and made it great in the eyes of the world.  I know that they have done their best to see that everything is this country is politically correct.  I don't understand it, but then again I think its because I am just confused.

At the end of World War Two, America was the standard barer of the world.  No one could dare question our integrity or motives, but then we started interfering with governments and powers around the world.  We would set up governments and overthrow governments and when we were through with the countries we would let them wither and die or be taken over by other world powers.  We as a country have lost most of our friends because we did not treat them the way we should have. Most of the ones we call friend today is because we pay them handsomely to be our friend.  Why do we need to do that.  I know someone can help this poor misguided hillbilly.  It is because I am confused.


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