1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



 Violent anger: wrath: fury.
To speak or act or move with
uncontrolled anger.
Dan Duff

When I first awake in the morning, it usually takes me a few minutes to get myself in some sort of condition to get out of bed, tend to my toiletries and grope for that first cup of coffee. I do not try to think a lot or to start any planning for the day. At least, not until I have poured that second cup of wake up liquid. Those first minutes of the day are mine and very private. If the phone rings I will usually let my wife answer or I will just let it go to the answering machine.

There was a time when I did not have that luxury and the first thing I would do would be to awaken everyone in the house so they could get to work or to school on time. That was just routine and half of the time I would just go down the hallway bellowing a wake up call and took for granted that everyone would do their part to get ready for the day. Never in my life did I ever think that there was anything out of the norm. That was the way it was and things just did not change.

How would I feel then, if one morning I went down that hallway and one of my children wasn’t where they were supposed to be? I would think you would go straight from groggy to wide awake and then straight to trembling. After searching every nook, corner and place big enough to hold a kid at least five or six times, your brain finally comes to the realization that the child is gone and you pick up the
phone and call the police to report a missing child.

After an hour of answering endless and what I would consider utterly stupid questions the police would then search the house again and remove every item that belonged to the child and of course give me the second degree to ascertain that I was not involved in or led to the removal of the child.

This happens almost daily in these United States and if and when the child is found, the person who was the abductor and committed the criminal offense is a known child molester. The guy has been convicted for this offense and was supposed to be in a monitored situation, but most of the time has been lost in a system that has neither the time nor the manpower to keep a check on these people.

There are sites on the Internet that will tell you who these people are and where they live. Every parent who have children living at home ought to know if any of these people are living in their neighborhood. They have found these people literally across the street from elementary and middle schools. They have been found to be teaching in schools and running church programs. They have been found to be teaching music and martial arts programs and yes even the boy scouts have uncovered a few in their midst.

I think that once the realization that some known child abuser had taken my child, a known guttural piece of human garbage had been the one who made off with my child I would fall into a silent rage. A rage against the person who took my child, a rage against the people who allow this person to walk among us and finally a rage against anyone who has a public voice who had not shouted from every dais and lectern against letting this type of vermin live anywhere near civilized people.

Many communities are now passing laws as to where these people can live or own property. My question is why? Why should we allow them to live in our society? Where is the rage? Why is it that the people of any organized town or city even allow these people to live within their midst. Why is there no rage from our politicians? Why are the PTAs and school boards not screaming out to see that these people are allowed in any community period. Why aren’t pictures of these people plastered on any surface that will hold pictures to let everyone know who they are and where they are located. There was a time in this country before the ACLU (American Communist Liberties Union) that these people once they were found out would be escorted to the city limits and given some awful options should they decide to come back. The very least these communities could do would be to make these people wear a monitor bracelet. If its good enough for Martha Stewart, it should be good enough for these pieces of human feces.

Where is the rage that our children are not safe to walk to the bus stop, to go to the park or to visit the neighborhood kids? Are we into such a “me” generation that we cannot find enough rage to right this terrible wrong? The government cannot and will not create enough rage to have an effect on this problem. Churches have gotten to the place where they will not shout rage against this problem from the pulpit. The news media will not rage against the problem, because it is good money making news for them.

Picture your children, your grandchildren, the children who live next door or down the street. Would there be rage if one of those were taken? The rage must be now. Now before the child is taken. Now when we can think with a clear head and clear purpose. It must be us, the citizens, who will let the rage be known to the politicians, the churches and the news media that we will not tolerate any further threats or violence against our children.