1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



 The quality or state of being arrogant or haughty.
Dan Duff

If you donít want to listen to the television heads interpret the six hundred page report on 9/11, or you donít wish to read through it yourself, you could sum it up in one word.. Arrogance. If you knew for a fact that twenty Arabs armed with only box cutters were coming to this country to bring down the Twin Towers, The Pentagon and the Capital of these United States, you would be hard pressed not to be laughed out of Washington and
no news organization worth its salt would report it. Why, well, it is unheard of in a country with the most modern standing army, the newest and most modern of ships, tanks and planes could be attacked by anyone. No other country has the means and weaponry to attack this country. Except for a few nuclear superpowers such as China and Russia, we could subdue any country on the face of the planet in one or two weeks.
Those twenty men knew how powerful America was. They knew about the CIA, FBI, ATF, Marshals, State Police, Local Police and Airport Authorities. They knew how airport security worked and what would be looked at and what would be over looked. None of these agencies gave them concern because they knew in their hearts of hearts that most Americans, including all the police and agencies, their existence and travel plans were just a speck on the wall of everyday living in modern America. I am quite sure that these people had confederates inside of this country who had gone on trips to anywhere just to find out what to expect at air-side security. Others checked out the different airports to see where the security was lax and where it was tight. The awful thing about it is, those same people are still traveling around checking out other airports
and other security measures.
What I donít buy is the idea that with two or three lessons in a single engine, piston powered Piper in Florida got them ready to take over and fly those giant passenger jets. I think that the lessons in Florida was a ruse to keep us from looking for a country with passenger planes who would teach them to really fly a jumbo jet. They flew them too well and too accurate. I donít know about you, but I have flown in small planes and big planes and just the instrument panel on those large jets would take weeks to figure out which way you were flying, and at those speeds, to hit a building in the middle of New York City?? Lets be real folks, it just doesnít happen that way.
Centuries ago a mighty army stood on a hill and sent out a nine foot warrior to challenge the rag-tag army of Israel. The army was well trained and undefeated in battle. Their top gun was a giant and no man would stand against him. No man that is until a ruddy faced boy of Israel with a strong religious purpose volunteered to face him. We all know the story of David and Goliath, but what I want to point out to you here is the arrogance of the Philistines. There was no way this silly little boy armed only with a sling could stand against such a mighty force. I can see the Philistines almost falling down with laughter as David walked into that Valley, but at the end of the day the mighty army of the Philistines were stunned and fleeing for their lives because their weapon of mass destruction was lying on the floor of the valley with his head severed from his body.
Our country operates on the same arrogance. Even after so many attacks on our embassies, our ships and the Twin Towers in ninety three our politicians and bureaucrats in Washington failed to see the real danger. In the nineties we gutted the CIA and did away with certain ďBlack OpsĒ which are necessary to deal with entities such as terrorists. Since 9/11 we have been working to correct those problems, but it will takes years to undo the damages caused by politicians that believe we can settle every problem in the world with a lot of talk, a lot of money and a few troops.
I was reared in rural West Virginia in a town where no one locked their doors at night. That was also a ruse, because everyone with the sense of a goose knew that most of those houses had one or more guns either over or beside the bed. they also knew there would be no hesitation on the part of the home owner to pull the trigger in case of an intrusion. The United States must have the same attitude. We do not need another bureaucracy in Washington. We donít need more government. We need more cooperation between bureaucrats, between departments and between politicians. What we need most of all is  to see terrorism for what it is. The determination by one race to wipe from the face of the earth anyone who does not share their religious beliefs.