1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Dan Duff

Employee:  One who works for another
for a salary.

There was a times in my life when I hired a lot of people.  Even after all the background checks and interviews it was pretty much a roll of the dice if they would be a good employee or not.  Sometimes those who were border line turned out to be excellent workers and some who I thought would be a cracker jack employee turned out to be nothing but a drag on the company and the payroll.  All in all I have come to the conclusion that bad help turns out to be worse than no help at all and the sooner you rid yourself of bad help the better off you are.

Pretty soon it will be time for us to hire us some people to represent us in a lot of different public offices.  These people will interview, or as they call it, stump for our vote and if the news media does its due diligence, we should get enough information to make a decision as to who we should hire or elect to do our bidding in the political arena. Just like everyone else the decision is not easy and the ones you think will do the best job turns out to be just bad help.  In some of the cases the person who gets hired will run unopposed so like it or not that guy gets hired by one vote.

What happen after they are hired?  For a lot of them the news media will keep up with them and give us some indications of what they doing.  Some of them seem to drop below the radar and the only time you hear from them is when it is time for the rehiring of  or the extention of their employment. For most it is like our spouses.  Mine is always telling me "she would like to trade off the one she got for the one she thought she was getting". Most  politicians we hire, once they get into office are nothing like the person who presented themselves to the people who hired them. Not only that but once they are hired, they go to work for someone else or some other interest while we are expected to pick up the tab and get very little in return for putting them into the job.

I don't like firing people.  I have had to do it and it kept me awake many nights thinking about it.  We have all fired people. Even people who have never had people working for them have shed those bad employees.  People fire people everyday.  That barber who keeps trying to give you that GI buzz cut, the nail salon that gives you nails that look like you belong in a Dracula movie, or the grocery store that charges too high of a price for their food stuff.  We don't actually go into their shop and tell them they are fired.  We just fire them by not going back to their store or we fire them by voting for someone other than the guy in office.

So how would you like to fire somebody you  feel is doing a bad job for you?  How would you like to go into the office of a State Representative or Senators office or maybe even the office of the Governor and say "you're fired".  How about a US Representative or Senator or even the President of the the United States.  Wow the very thought of it is mind boggling.  But wait.  Isn't that what we do every two years?  Don't we go into the voting booth and say by our vote "you're fired"? 

You say yeah but those special interest guys are the ones that get these guys elected.  No they don't.  They can throw all the money and planes and gifts and trips they want to on the people who hold public office, but it is the average guy on the street that goes into that booth and pulls the handle and actually says "you're hired" or "you're fired".

It is time for the people to step up and tell these people that they do not represent a political party or special interest or themselves.  They  represent the people who went into that booth and pulled the lever next to their name.  It is time that the republic that is governed by representatives and senators is once again representing the people who elected them.

It is a shame to have to say this, but I feel the only way to show them this concept that seems so strange to those who hold office, is to fire them all.  If they are in office, vote them out.  Put in a whole new slate of people and let them know that we the people hold their job security in our hands not in the hands of party leaders and bosses. I  mean right down to the school board and sheriff's office.

You hold the power my friend.  No matter what the TV pundits say or what the office holder says, you are the ones who hold the ultimate fate of these people in your hands. Take back your country.  Take back you power to say who or who not to have as your representative whether it be as county commissioner or the President of these United States.


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