1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Flirt: To act in a coquettish Manner; play at love.
Dan Duff

It was a hot day in August of 1923, the county fair was in its closing days and the grass that covered the mid-way through the rides and side shows were now only dirt. The two sisters, now walking along that mid-way, had been given fifty cents apiece by their father along with some very stern rules about how they were to behave. This was their first venture off by themselves and just the very thought of a few moments of freedom caused their hearts to flutter. Except for a nickel a piece they had spent on a ice cold lemonade they still had most of their money and were off to see what the mid-way had to offer.

The girls were dressed in their Sunday best as was the custom of the day. They would have to be on their best behavior, lest word got back to their father who was doing some serious talk with a horse trader over at the barn section. They had come as a family to the fair and had watched the races in the grandstand in the early afternoon but the family had split up for a couple of hours of free-time before everyone was to meet back at the grandstand before heading off to their home some 10 miles away. The family had made the trip in a horse drawn wagon and the trip back home would have to be made so as to arrive before dark.

The two girls were in awe at the characters painted on the giant canvases that hung on either side of the tents. The men would bark out the type of creature or freak of nature that were to beheld if only the good citizens would pay a dime and have the nerve to venture in. While they were tempted at several of these places they had their heart set on the giant Ferris Wheel. This would take them higher than they had ever gone before and they would be able to see the entire fair grounds from its top.

While they strolled and watched and listened they became aware that two young gentlemen was watching them. The young men were tall and one was a little older and thinner than the younger one. They were both handsome, decked out in suits and ties with straw hats to keep the sun off their faces. The young men came close. They doffed their hats, but did not speak, going off with the crowd in the opposite direction.

The girls looked at each other and smiled making their way to the Ferris Wheel. They rode and laughed and from time to time the younger girl spoke of this handsome young men who had just dashed across their life. She felt no fear in mentioning him for surely they would not meet them again. and she was at the age when girls started their serious dreams about the man who would one day come into their life and sweep them away as a gallant knight on a white horse. After the ride was over they continued their stroll of the mid-way. Once again they met the two handsome strangers and again the young men doffed their hats, smiled, but did not speak. This time the sisters stopped and watched them as the young men once again went off in the opposite direction.

The young men were complete strangers to the girls, but the fact that they had met them again caused the younger girl to blush. She had caught the eye of the younger man and it was for sure that he had looked at her for more than a glancing look. The girls now walked not like teenagers with fun and games on their mind, but as young ladies. Suddenly their walk and stature was that of purpose and design. It was not a coincidence that the young men had crossed their path, but fate itself. But wait, what would happen if they did meet, what would they say? It would not be proper for them to strike up a conversation. The gentlemen would have to make the first move and how would that be? The younger girl was so hoping that they would indeed meet them again, but how could those handsome lads approach them without being forward or fresh. If ever a young girl ever prayed for guidance this was certainly the time.

Suddenly, as the girls strolled, the were approaching the two young men, but now they were coming up behind them. Somehow the gentlemen had turned and were going in the same direction as the girls. All at once as if they had a rear-view mirror the young men turned directly into the path of the young girls and the younger of the two looked at the younger of the two girls and said " hey are you girls following us?" The ice had finally been broken. A conversation did occur and the younger two hit it off immediately.

Later, he called on her at her home and their romance bloomed. They married and produced seven children before his untimely death. Even fifty years later she could not talk about him without tears. 

Happy birthday mom, you would have been a hundred and one today.