1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Readily perceived by the mind; evident; obvious. Easily seen.
Dan Duff

It should seem apparent how things are perceived in this country, but they aren’t.
You would think that common sense would be common place, yet it is so uncommon as to be perceived as a gift to those who have it. Why then, is it apparent that those who are supposed to be our leaders are in fact led by others? Why is so apparent when those of authority over us make such stupid and idiotic decisions? The reason is that their motives and agenda are not for us. They do not want you to know what they are planning and what they are doing. Why is it that if it so apparent to us that we do not rail upon the politicians and judges of this country to stop. 

It should be apparent to us that the United States of America was founded by people who had made a compact on the Mayflower that this country would be colonized and held for the “furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” The framers of the constitution made it clear that this would continue. No where in the constitution or any other law book in these United States do you find the term “separation of church and state.” What seemed apparent to the founders of this nation, does not seem apparent to the politicians and judges of this country. 

It should be apparent that Darwin had some good theories, but that is all they were. If we did in fact ascend from some single cell and eventually crawled out on land and after eons of time finally stood erect and walked, I have but one question. Where are the throw-backs? Remember in sixth grade science when we talked about the white rabbit and black rabbit? How if those two rabbits breed, then you would get so many white rabbits, and so many black rabbits and so many spotted black and white rabbits. Then down the road you would have two white rabbits breed and have a black rabbit and out of so many spotted rabbits that breed would come so many solid colored ones. Remember how the teacher said that no matter how far down the line you went, you could have ten generations of one color, but eventually a throw-back would appear. I don’t know about your ancestors, but I have chased mine back two dozen generations and not one monkey in the bunch.  

It should be apparent to us that television has not matured since the early sixties. Then it was called the “vast wasteland” and almost nothing has been done to change it. Oh, we’ve become more mature as audiences. There is more sex and violence than ever. We now have “reality programming”, about people deserted on some island and must try each week not to be kicked off the program. I think the best solution to that program is to put those people off on the island and then wait ten or fifteen years before going back to see who really survived. It is puzzling to me why people would ever watch “reality programs” when the idea of watching TV to start with is to escape reality.  

It should be apparent to us that the word “parent” is almost non-existent these days. Babies are either mistakenly born or born to prove a point. Children are put in “daycare” at the first and earliest moment and then mom and dad go off to make their career, their fortune or both. The baby is changed at the age of five from daycare to preschool. There the parents expect the state to teach, discipline and raise the children until its time to send them packing off to a college campus of the parents choice, then four years later these children are supposed to meet the girl of their parents dream and start the process all over again. Today’s children are the direct product of these types of parenting and then the parents question those who are in authority by asking, “why are my children like they are? We’ve given them everything.” I watched a typical scenario at the barber shop the other day. The parents of two little boys came in and took seats to get a haircut. The parents told the boys to play quietly on the floor. The three and five year olds tried to busy themselves, while both parents picked up and began reading magazines, completely ignoring their boys. What's wrong with this picture. If you don’t see it, then welcome to the twenty-first century, your children will grow up to be just like them. 

It should be apparent that the United Nations has far out lived its reason for existence. Why then does the United States want so hard to keep it around. The United Nations would like nothing better and has been working for fifty years to either control the United States or to destroy it. The United Nations treats the USA like the lonely sailor in a bar down at the wharf. He (USA) wines and dines the ladies of the night (UN) and the ladies will lead him on until five minutes before closing time when suddenly the girls have to be somewhere else and leaves the sailor broke, and alone. The only reason the United Nations lets the Unites States stay in the organization is because she is the “cash cow” of the world. Its time for the UN to move to some other part of the world and for the United States to withdraw from it. 

It should be apparent to the whole sporting world that it is time for the division one of the NCAA football to have a play off system. The main reason it does not have one now is the bowl system. Then why not combine the two. This would mean that the winners could appear in more than one bowl, but look at the added revenue for the winners and the extra hype. And maybe extend the season two or three more weeks. Kinda makes you think of the Pro playoff system doesn’t it?