1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Postulate;  To claim, demand or require.
To assume the truth or reality of.
Dan Duff

The holidays are over.  Here I am back at work. I am back at my normal place by the water cooler. You will recognize me as the guy with the weird necktie.  I received it from my mother in law who probably bought it at a garage sale last summer from a guy who got it from his mother in law last Christmas.  I would have loved to have come back in here and given my two week notice.  To tell them what a lousy place this is to work and how miserly the Christmas bonus was.  I thought I would have been able to use that money to do some last minute shopping for the dearest in my life and buy a turkey for the festive dinner.  She had to settle for “OLE de toilette” and we feasted on the ugliest chicken in the coup.  Just to add insult to injury. I am packing the last of that carcass between two pieces of bread along with some other things that are an hour away from turning some ghastly of shade of green.

I would love to go out and dine on a good tasty cheeseburger, but my credit cards are all maxed and I hold in my pocket two notices from the bank that tells me I am overdrawn at their establishment.

Every year we say we are not going to spend ourselves into oblivion.  We say we are going to buy a little every month and when Christmas comes around again, we will be so far ahead of the game all we will need to do is set out the candles and the center piece. Alas, maybe this year we will be able to do that, but  first I must pay for the one that just passed.  If my calculations are correct and if the boss gives me that well deserved raise,  I should be able to pay this one off by October 2005.  I could do it faster if I wasn’t  paying off last year and the year before and the year....

Something tells me that will also be the approximate date that my mother in law will hopefully be out of the picture.  I was expecting her to show up with one suitcase, but she showed up with a U-Haul. Her contribution to Christmas dinner was to invite her out of work son to come by for a week.  That reminds me... tonight I am taking control of that TV clicker if it kills me.  I had no idea there was wrestling on that many times a week. If I had the money, I would send those two to a motel.... come to think of it, if I had the money I’d go to a motel myself.

I had better take that tree out of the living room tonight before it drops those last three needles onto the floor.  If they do I’ll have to pick them up by hand.  The last time I used the vacuum it coughed and died, but left an aroma of pine in the air. 

There are no more college football games and only a couple of pro games until the dismal days of winter set in.  I apologize for flipping through the Valdosta-Prairie View game now.  I’ll have to settle for the rerun of the 1987 Auburn- Georgia game on ESPN Classics.

All in all it hasn’t been that bad of a year.  The guy who sold me that pickup truck swears that he new nothing about the transmission.  He says it always worked for him and he has no idea how eighty seven thousand miles disappeared from the speedometer. 

The HMO says that they would have covered my wife’s operation had I been on the job another three months.  With less than five years on the job, they had no choice but to consider it a preexisting condition.

The city engineers say that sink hole that suddenly appeared under the house was a million to one shot.  They say it was the prolonged drought of last year that created the conditions for it to happen. Since all of the house did not fall into the hole, it will be up to me to pay to have what is left torn down and hauled away. The insurance company was very apologetic.  After cooling down and finally seeing the air turn back to normal from that eerie shade of  blue I did find on page twenty two near the bottom  the paragraph about a house disappearing or partially disappearing is not covered by the homeowners policy. 

Alas, here I am stuck in a one bedroom apartment with mother in law and looking forward to a new and exciting new year. What surprises will be in store for us there.  

Hope your new year is happy and without complications.